20155 - Ioannis prophecy

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

An old man walks silently at the edge of the lake holding a girl in one hand and his cane in the other.

Ioannis: We are waiting here.
Hypatia: Why here?
Ioannis: Here is proper both for us and for him.
Hypatia: What if he has forgotten us?
Ioannis: He doesn’t forget anybody …
Hypatia: Due to humanism?
Ioannis: Because Humanity.
Hypatia: Will he be late?
Ioannis: Maybe …
Hypatia: Why?
Ioannis: There are many people who need his help.
Hypatia: Like us?
Ioannis: Like us!
Hypatia: Is that why you brought the cane?
Ioannis: What do you mean.
Hypatia: For his sword?
Ioannis: So you do remember …
Hypatia: Why should I forget a sword within a cane?
Ioannis: Because it’s from a bygone era.
Hypatia: And is’nt he from another era? You see though that I haven’t forget him.
Ioannis: I see it and it should have surprised me.
Hypatia: But we are here regarding your prophecy.
Ioannis: You haven’t forgotten anything … even though you’re so young …
Hypatia: But always a human …
Ioannis: That’s why he asked me to take care of you.
Hypatia: And that’s what you’ve done
Ioannis: That was his will.
Hypatia: And you did your deed.
Ioannis: I talked about the eagle.
Hypatia: And you wrote about the works.
Ioannis: How is it possible that you know all these.
Hypatia: Because I saw them with you.
Ioannis: You lived my history through.
Hypatia: And you drew life.
Ioannis: In order to cross through Time.