20162 - Against mediocrity

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

When you can not suggest something constructive and you hide behind mediocrity, you don’t change the situation, as much as you may insist you do. No statements nor showing offs are sufficient.
For this reason, our country needs the Greek EEZ, the Greek zeolite and the Greek innovation, beyond tourism.
Our country can not be a closed world.
It must have the extraversionism of Hellenism, otherwise it gets transformed into a society which becomes degenerated with its own problems.
It is not enough for each to give to the other, in order for the economic situation to change, because this is just an internal redistribution and without special qualifications nothing more than equality could occur.
But without a future this equality degenerates into a misery.
Therefore, in order to escape from mediocrity, misery does not help, as long as we delay portraing our dynamics.
Both with the strategy and the energy, the Greece of the future has other potentials, which have nothing to do with everything that’s being promoted at present.
Our presence in international fora should be more efficient and not only in order to solve economic problems, but also to indicate to others our first steps in high strategy, as we have chosen to do so, via the twenty marine plots.
Moreover, now that there is the concrete example of the commercial reserve Afrodite, of the marine plot 12 of the Cypriot EEZ, we can persuade all of our interlocutors more effectively.
We are not telling them to believe in something unthinkable or even utopic, but in an utilizable vision, which has now been implemented in Cyprus with great success despite the resistance and the fears.
Cyprus is freed from servility only through the EEZ, because nobody believed that anything else would change the course of the Cypriot issue.
The same happens in Greece as well.
For this reason we must develop a rational approach which highlights our capabilities and our prospects, in order to finally make visible the dynamics of our homeland.