20696 - Greek zeolite and government institutions

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

The development that the Greek zeolite is capable in bringing to Thrace, but also more widely to Greece are substancial, and that must be made known to the government institutions which consider the correctness of the entire procedure.
We are not referring of course solely to the about 8% talkings of the Greek State per each quarry, as the zeolite as a rock belongs to this category.
But generally, in regards to it, both in the mainland and abroad.
Because as per now, the zeolite is imported.
Therefore the mining of the Greek zeolite will create a saving initially, and then an extrovertism with benefits for our homeland.
Also, the workforce in Thrace and Macedonia would be Greek families which are in great need, especially at this particular time.
The applications of zeolite in agriculture and husbandry will also change the data in rural development, but of the environment as well.
Therefore, both responsible ministries should enhance their efforts regarding the Greek zeolite, in order to utilize these strategic stocks of Thrace, and of course for investigations to begin in other areas of Northern Evros, so that we can create a strategic mix for our homeland.