20697 - Substantial national negotiating team

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

As things have evolved, both within and out of Parliament, we must realize that it is necessary to have an effective national negotiating team.
We are not interested at all from which parties it would consist of, but simply for them to be worthy and effective.
Therefore, for them to focus on the points which constitute the backbone.
To not merely consider energy saving measures, but also development stimulating ones.
To speak in a clear way regarding energy and strategy, since with both of those we have real prospects.
The team should derive from joint inclination fields, in order to be more resistant to pressures.
Moreover, as the decisions of the team should be validated by parliament, where it’s difficultly handled by what’s conceptual government and or opposition, it is more efficient to have a strategic mix which will be more representative of the actual and current situation.
Additionally, in this fashion we also enhance our national reliability, since we would’nt only function partisanly, but with a governmentality, in order for all of us to help our homeland.