20715 - Who wants 70% devaluation?

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

Who wants 70% devaluation? This is the practical and serious question. Because when there is skilful populism, the only way to inform the nation, is to set simple questions.
When there is a limitation of 60 euros per transaction, and you actually get 50 euros because of twenty euro note shortages, who would like that to become merely 15 euros?
Because that would have been the value of the received 50 euros.
Things are that simple. There is no need to recall the example of Argentina, which reached 75% depreciation in the first year and a total of 1000% thereon.
No need to mention that inflation will reach 30%. This information doesn’t effect Greece. Whereas the 50 euros which will be depreciated to 15 euros is understood by anyone.
Because everyone knows what they can or can’t with 15 euros per day.
The rest are just details for him, who is not concerned with the national level.
Therefore let’s make it clear at an individual one.