20833 - Hydrocarbon Research Institute in Cyprus

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

It is not enough that Cyprus has introduced her EEZ, has made three demarcations with Egypt, Lebanon, Israel, has signed up contracts with the
Nobel-Avner-Delek triple consortium, the ENI-Kogas dual consortium, with the Total co, offers hydrocarbon studies at six of her universities, but now is preparing the founding of a Hydrocarbon Research Institute in Larnaca.
In other words Larnaca in this manner of research, already becomes an energean port.
Because she knows that she will always be a port, but not necessarily an airport, especially after the solution of the Cypriot issue.
Consequently, this innovation is very important because, it will be an attraction to the specification that is becoming more and more valuable for Cyprus.
It’s the preparation of the Cyprus of the future.
While this seemed completely unrealistic a few years ago, it’s now a tangible reality that enhances the energean vision which respects the endless blue.
Housed in the same place with the Department of Chemical Engineering, and that of Hydrocarbon Engineering, at the University of Cyprus, will be also the Oceanographic Centre and the Centre for Underwater Archaeology.
With this move Cyprus obtains another preeminence.
She continues to set an example for Greece and she demonstrates in practical terms, what it means to believe in the dynamics of the Exclusive Economic Zone,
and how to utilize all the data that did not exist a few years ago.
This is the best way to pay tribute to the man who fought, so that the EEZ would become a reality, without ever taking in to account any political, or other costs, but left behind the product of a task, called the future for Cyprus.
Worthy he is!