20911 - The free light

N. Lygeros
Translated from Greek by Athina Kehagias and Theodoros Tsiamitas

Violence : And what do you have to say now that we’ve nailed you upon the rock?
State: I’ve told you he won’t speak.
Violence : Silent even now?
State: Yes.
Violence : After us he won’t see anything else, no other existence.
State : That’s why we’re the tools of barbarity.
Violence : Abnormal and twisted mind.
State: The first…
Violence : The first? I hope it’s the last as well.
State : Don’t you see that he’s smiling?
Violence : With chains and nails, where does he find the strength to smile?
State : He doesn’t find it… He is.
Violence : How is this possible?
State : We’ve nailed a body, but the spirit…
Violence : And what is the difference?
State : The free light.
Violence : Let’s go!
State : He did not want anything else.