20918 - The Cypriot EEZ does not belong to the settlers

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

The Cypriot EEZ belongs as a sovereign right of the citizens of Cyprus and not to the settlers who receive earnings from another EEZ.
Also for those who only care about their wallet, they should understand that the Cypriot EEZ is worth much more dimes, than the value of the reserve Aphrodite has to offer, since marine plot 12 is already worth more.
For this reason the Cypriot EEZ offers an enormous value and reliability to Cyprus, as it is preparing to play the role of an energean player in the Eastern Mediterranean and for the entire European Union.
This strategic change has many consequences and of course economic ones inclusive.
Because, after the natural gas extraction, the Cypriot EEZ will not only actively help in solving the Cypriot issue, but will contribute towards the liberation of Cyprus.
And the reason is quite simple for those who know the financial data of the reunification of West and East Germany.
Therefore the Cypriot EEZ should be in actual fact utilized, and that can only occur with the extraction of natural gas in the Aphrodite reserve, which will set an example for all other reserves.