21008 - ENI remains in Cyprus

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

We had heard a lot by international experts about the departure of Total, and eventually nothing happened, as it remains as planned at marine plots 10 and 11.
The same occurred in regards to ENI after the drillings in Onasagoras and Amathusa, while ENI had sent her drilling rig for maintenance in Marseille, and also made a drilling in the Egyptian EEZ.
She also continues with a second drilling with the Saipem 10000 in an Egyptian marine plot.
Through the acceptance of the government of Cyprus, we now comprehend that she had already asked as from March 2015, for her surveys in the Cypriot EEZ to be extended.
What’s interesting, it’s that for so long rumor had it, for her to opt to leave, and that in fact this was due, either to the Turkish seismic surveys,( which have not even functioned during the second NAVTEX), or due to the negotiations re: the solving of the Cypriot issue.
At last, they all know that all that was imaginary scenarios, and we no longer need to convince them of the reality we are experiencing.
Because now officially, it’s Cyprus that agreed in August, to extend the research period up untill 2018, as requested by the ENI-KOGAS consortium.
And this fact that has not emerged, is the best proof that firstly, ENI continues its program as planned, secondly, that it has certainly not lost its interest in the Cypriot EEZ, and especially for marine plots 2, 3 and 9, and thirdly, that on the contrary, it want’s to be legally covered within the extension period.
This information will enhance all those who believe that the Cypriot EEZ is a dynamic tool for the liberation of Cyprus.
You must simply know how to manage the issue and how to utilize it effectively.
Otherwise defeatism and servility revert, in order to bury every effort, as they were prepared to give up everything some years ago, in order to be relieved from some phobias, without realizing that such moves are merely considered retreats, and there are always worse to follow, because you simply haven’t any movement initiative thereon, and consequently, you can’t realize your vision.
Now we overcame an obstacle here as well, and we continue the exploitation of the EEZ for the liberation of Cyprus.