21072 - Before the Apocalypse

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

– Why here?
– Because here it should’ve.
– But there is nobody here.
– Then there were.
– When?
– Up until 1537.
– And what happened then?
– Barbarism came to devour the people.
– For what reason;
– They had started from the Italian coastline.
– And they arrived at the island.
– It was a target.
– So what happened;
– None of our own remained alive.
– After the battle?
– After the massacre.
– Then, that’s why the cross.
– They were exterminated because they were Christians.
– Τhey didn’t want anybody. And now;
– We are here again.
– For them;
– And for the ones to follow.
– For the Lord’s Prayer.
– For our prayer.