21119 - Tripartite, triple point of contact, and seismic data

E. Conophagos, N. Lygeros, A. Foscolos
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

At the Egypt-Greece-Cyprus tripartite, they don’t merely play diplomatic games, as most assume.
On the contrary, through the context of the three countries EEZ’s, where we have to do three demarcations: Egypt-Greece, Greece-Cyprus and an expansion of the existing Cyprus-Egypt one, we emphasize on the triple point of contact of our three EEZs.
This contact point which is located at about the same distance from each of the three countries, is not just a mathematical one, as it will play a substantial role in the hydrocarbon exploitation phase, in conjunction with the demarcations, if reserves is to be found in its region.
In other words, this is not regarding a simple diplomatic agreement, since it would have both strategic and energean consequences.
Then, in this field, some may wonder if we obtain some knowledge re: the Herodotus Basin.
Yet through the seismic lines of the TGS company, and its vessel TGS-NOPEC-Northern Access, which constitute 1513 kilometers, we have practical data regarding the situation of the region and especially in the contact zone of the EEZ of Greece and Cyprus, a fact which means that, we have a clear picture and do not go about blindly.
And if we were now to consider, the new Egyptian data close to the EEZ of Cyprus, we can understand the importance of this tripartite, because it is regarding energy and strategy, with a huge impact on the economy and the politics.