21240 - The lies regarding Grexit are over

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

The lies regarding “the wanted by the European Union Grexit” are finally over.
From the beginning that the issue arose, we constantly wrote that there was no such process at the institutional context, as much as some fantasized it.
The only way for such exit to occur it would be exclusively with Greece’s will.
You must have Prometheus’s guts in order to withstand all the trash we consumed.
But of late, more and more voices are freely been expressed and they put an end to this comedy.
What’s weird of course, especially at this point of time, is to understand the paradox of the situation, since while some political parties want to get us out of the European Union, starting off with the Eurozone of course, there are so many refugees from abroad who want to come to this particular place, in order to escape from all the sufferings they are resistant to.
But no one from those who are opting for an exit, says that all of them are lunatics who want to find a refuge within the European Union.
They of course have the luxury of their partisanly discussions, as they assume that the essence is to hold on to power.
But Greece’s need is to have a government, and not just political parties which shread everything into pieces, because for them the country stops just where their party is.
Now things are quite different and we must finally stop dealing with a topic that does not exist.
Now the whole point is for Greece to have a government which does not undermine our national positions, because it cares merely about the future of its political party.
The political parties are just fine when there is not a situation of crisis, when everything is doing well, and we simply must choose interpretations.
Greece will have to face real difficulties and challenges.
And this can not occur with partisanly gimmicks alone.
As we don’t see, as should be done, issues such as, the Greek EEZ, the Greek zeolite and the Greek innovation to enter the pre election programs, we know exactly what that means.
Some simply want to win the elections, and they don’t care less what occurs thereon.
Whereas as far as we are concerned, we will be here even afterwards, with the Greek people.