21661 - A new Greek patent

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

As much as it may seem odd, taking into account the new conditions that exist in Greece at present, the research continues, because we believe that innovation is essential for the development of continuity.
And from our perspective their’s emphasis given to applications regarding the future of Greece, the EEZ, the zeolite and innovation.
This is the context in which the new Greek patent of our student Vasiliki Argyriadis is integrated, who managed to overcome the bureaucratic obstacles, and lodge her idea, of combining the Greek zeolite with innovation in a sector where the zeolite, due to its properties, can make a difference.
The application was filed on May 13, 2014, number 20,140,100,275, and was officially admitted on 4 September 2015.
It is regarding a solid concoction with cosmetic type zeolite, for facial hydration use.
And for this reason the name of the product is Hydrolithos.
Indicatively, the Industrial Property Organisation could support the initiatives of our youth, who follow a strategy which is based upon the platform constituted by the Greek zeolite.
In that manner, we can understand that the applied research, can offer prospects for our young people who believe in our homeland and don’t expect everything from others, and are not using the pretext and the excuse of the economic situation, in order to remain in an inertia.
Here we have a concrete example of an intelligence counterattack, due to an inventive strategy.