21673 - The EEZ is the Law of the Sea

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

The EEZ is the Law of the Sea, and it doesn’t constitute a Greek exclusiveness.
It is a tool that allows the liberation of Cyprus, the opening of the Western Armenia issue, the prospects of Western Sahara, the solving of the problem between Israel and Palestine, the tripartite of Egypt – Greece – Cyprus, and the future of the Eastern Mediterranean.
Therefore in this sense, the EEZ constitutes a catalytic element which is not applicable just locally.
It’s regarding an overall vehicle which offers unimaginable opportunities to countries that are confined to their onshore problems.
In other words, it is not a conception which relates solely to Greece.
And if we are promoting it so dynamically, it’s not because of a Greek approach to things, but because it is just for people, and for the nations.
We are therefore pro the Law of the Sea, because we want to be just, and this way is the most effective one, in order to help the innocent.
So all those who consider this to be merely a nationalistic approach, they are simply dogmatic, and hooked on old data which can not withstand the evolutions.
Because it’s impossible for then to observe the new mental schemes of high strategy.
Consequently, the Greek EEZ is merely a specific case of the matter as a whole, and it’s in that way that it makes sense and obtains an endurance for the future,
otherwise it would simply be a local condition doomed to disappear at the instance of its existence.
Whereas, in this case, the idea of its existence is the duration that creates stability.
Additionally, if it’s combined with the existence of hydrocarbons, then that means that the strategy functions with energy, a fact which is deeper than the complex of politics and economy, which by nature live at a more superficial level.
Finally, the more EEZ application cases we become aware of, the more we become righteous with the nations of Humanity.