21684 - Strategic targets South of Crete and Cyprus

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

With the new data due to the nature of the reserve, we can identify strategic targets even within the marine plots of the Greek EEZ.
More specifically, we already know that there are twenty target reserves, and for this reason we obtain twenty maritime plots.
South of Crete, the geological data are associated with the Zohr reserve as well, due to the karst limestone.
Therefore, we can place the new strategic goals over the Greek EEZ map.
In this manner we can see, that the dissecting contains four strategic goals, more specifically in marine plots 13, 19 and 20 but also right on the dividing line between 14 and 15.
This provides a further argument not only for more accurate seismic surveys to occur on these marine plots, but of course, for a new tender, as soon as the negotiations re: maritime plots 1, 2 and 10 come to an end .
Therefore, we don’t only obtain one possibility, but also a strategy, and in this context, it would be wise to create yet another marine plot northwest of marine plot 16, since it forms a strategic target.
We have analogous data South of Cyprus.
That indeed enhances marine plot 1, since that had no candidate in the concession round.
For marine plot 9, there’s already ENI with Kogas, for marine plot 11 there’s Total, and for marine plot 12, there’s the Noble, Delek and Avner consortium .
Marine plot 8 is still free, and it’s within the lisencing round context.
While there’s a need for a new marine plot to be created, north of marine plot1.
We see therefore, that the strategic targets indicate the future in regards to these two areas, South of Crete and Cyprus.