21956 - Zeolado 2015

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

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This year, we had the third olive picking, for the production of extra virgin green olive oil, from olives that are protected exclusively by zeolite in the context of organic cultivation.
The first detectable evidence we can give, is that of course there was no trace of dacus (bactrocera oleae).
The second element is that the production is higher than the two previous years, and the explanation is that the zeolite has entered its third year of use, and it’s active with an absolute efficiency.
The third of course, is that the quality has increased and that the acidity is reduced even more, since by a rough estimate, we are bellow the two lines.
Therefore, it’s in this context that we will provide samples, in order for all the necessary analyses required for the category Ultra Premium, to take place
In any case we now see on a practical basis, that all the mental schemes of zeolite use in the production of extra virgin olive oil, are implemented through the actuality of the people who believed in the properties of zeolite.
Therefore, in the long run, Greece is evolving in this sector which is so important.
Because, as per the common conceptuality, the primary sector is fundamental for every nation, but in the bottom line, there is no practical problem-solving, and that is obvious even in regards to the issues of dacus and OMW.
Whereas, zeolite is an effective and definitive solution for both of the above mentioned cases.
And now that Greece is finally on the path of extracting the Greek zeolite, we can see the enormous potentials that it offers to our homeland.