22029 - The new Moroccan strategy

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

The Royal speech on account of the forty years since the fountation of the Green Path, sets the tone in regards to the formation of a new Moroccan strategy.
A program without compromises indeed, based on the concept of autonomy, which integrates Western Sahara within the southern Moroccan provinces, and this expansion is the starting point for an integrated development model, which is functionable after maturation, in order for it to become a landmark within the history of the integration of the territorial integrity of the Moroccan Kingdom.
It is based on the genuine Sahrawi who are representing real patriots and it deliberately avoids dealing with those who are fooled by the positions of the enemies, excluding them from the whole process.
As a result, we see the actual planning of major projects and social programs including medical and educational ones, but also a network of highways in accordance to international standards, a railway, a major Atlantic port, and an aviation hub.
This strategic mix emphasized upon here, basically represents an advanced decentralization process, based on an administrative deconcentration map, but also the natural resources which will be utilized for the benefit of the people of the region.
It is interesting to note that, this Royal approach is really a lateral attack against the central problem, and it sets things clearly in place, in regards to the problematics of the camps in Tindouf, as the unacceptable mistreatment will transform them into misery camps, where nobody is really attempting to solve the problems, but merely, to take advantage of innocent people in a precarious situation due to an overestimation of the population, and as a result the diversion of humanitarian resources.
We see therefore, that in contadiction to the exploitation of people, the new Moroccan strategy creates settlement prospects, which were simply unimaginable only a few years ago.