22037 - Genocide denial, an historic renunciation

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

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School squatting was inevitable, since the denial of genocide is an historic renunciation. When the Minister commits an offense against Paedia, how else could the students resist?
The masters and the teachers display the example of resistance, but others feel trapped by the system and are not freely expressed, so it is the students themselves who organize the resistance through squatting, and in this manner give an historic meaning to the concept of squatting.
They actually thought that the subject of the Genocide of the Pontian Greeks should be taught in schools during squatting, right from the removed chapter on, in order for all students to learn what really happened, and what is the history that the nihilists and deniers are systematically trying to hide.
Because if you let the later do as they please without resistance, we will lose not only our future but our history as well.
For this reason the criminalization of barbarism is the liberation of Humanity.
With the demonstrations and now with the squattings, the Greek nation as a whole, and not only the Pontian sector, indicates in practice that the situation is not only unacceptable but even more so illegal due to the associated legislation.
So if some require demonstrations in order to comprehend certain things, then let them see what squatting for justice and not for the chairs is all about.
Squatting for the recognition of the Genocide, squatting for what’s proper, because the students are the children of Antigone, and not Creon’s subordinates!