22152 - The foundations of the EEZ

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

Οne of the foundations of the EEZ, when that contains hydrocarbons, is that of the energean security.
Of course we’ve all heard about energean security, but we rarely connect it to negative implications when there is a dependence.
While we all see the horror of the terrorist attacks, we don’t realize that the EEZ can be a tool to tackle this battle.
Yet things are quite simple.
When democratic political systems don’t obtain energy sources, such as oil and gas, and they are forced to import them, then they necessarily begin a process, which leads to a form of dependency from countries that do not respect the same values.
Consequently with their economy they are supporting systems which do not necessarily respect human rights.
And these systems become richer and as a result able to influence more and more people with their lifestyle, which is not necessarily what we characterize a liberated way of life.
If we were now to consider, that such revenues allow for the supporting of extremist organizations which constitute the violent sector of a religious approach, then we comprehend where this vicious circle concludes to.
Therefore, one of the genuine ways to deal with the terrorist problems, is also the utilization of the EEZ and its hydrocarbons, and this applies to all democratic countries. Because with this method we effectively put an end to huge imports, which account for enormous losses.
It is therefore important for us to comprehend, that when we obtain an EEZ enriched with hydrocarbons, and we in actual fact utilize it, we significantly help towards the addressing of the terrorism issue, and much more affectively than the pompous verbality of diplomacy.