22187 - Hellenism of Pontus

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

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Hellenism of Pontus is an integral part of Hellenism and no one can devalue it through contestation of genocide of the Greeks of Pontus. Pontus is not a partisan approach with special interests, it is Hellenism itself. Let us leave aside the partisan context for which we are indifferent when we deal with human rights and even more with Rights of Humanity, because for every individual, combating contestation is and must be the same not only because of the legislation but also of morality. In Greece we are not of nazism, fascism, communism, kemalism and we haven’t committed genocide. We simply resist the context of the propaganda of barbarity which tries to erase in every way, every trace of existence of the genocide. The fact that there are individuals who try to take advantage, for partisan reasons, with their statements the history of Pontus, means that they don’t have even the level due to lack of academic knowledge that they become accomplices of barbarians. For the others who do it consciously, we understand that not only are they enemies of the Pontians and Hellenism but of the entire Humanity. And for this reason we will not overlook the whole issue by simply saying that it concerns a local mistake without repercussions. The same is valid for the absence of the chapter which concerns the genocide of Pontians. And it is in this context that they must proceed, not only the teachers which have human dignity, but also the associations which teach to the young ones about the genocide, because this way they become defenders of history against barbarism.