22188 - Barbaric attacks and genocide

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

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When we see barbaric attacks right before our eyes, when we hear about destruction of ancient temples and simultaneously we have individuals contesting the actual genocide, how can we not think that subsequently others will again contest even the facts that we ourselves lived through. Because this is what goes on for the survivors of genocide of the Greeks of Pontus. So all of us who witnessed the horror which the violence of barbarity caused, can now understand, on a practical level, what it means that a Minister or not, explains to them that what they are saying is a lie because the facts never existed. Others that are in Cyprus lived through the fact that the observation 28 of the Anan Plan explained that the facts between 1963 and 1974 didn’t exist. But the resistance of Tassos Papadopoulos didn’t let it to go through and now we got away from this trap. So now we have to resist within Greece also for the Rights of Humanity, since the Greeks of Pontus belong to it. We mustn’t wait anything from others. The example of resistance must be given by us and if we succeed others will follow along with us so that the resistance against barbarity grows. Because we cannot leave the innocents without protection, the victims without memory, the children without history. We are humans that have dignity and it is not possible to forget everything just because an institutional instrument said so. We are not afraid of the fanatic partisans, because they never wrote anything in history we learned and never forgot, for this reason we continue the struggle for the future.