22316 - Cyprus will not kneel

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

Cypriot is not about to kneel now, that we can strategically and rationally utilize the EEZ, via the tripartite with Greece and Egypt, but also through the European Union, which seeks indigenous energean sources.
There is no reason for us to rush and compromise for a solution that does not make sense, since we haven’t been able to agree on any substancial issues.
That aside, there’s a meaningless referendum scenario in the air, which will be so generalized, so that the Cypriot people wouldn’t have a say in both the rules and the regulations which will be decided upon, in a parliament which will not necessarily be the result of new elections.
As a result, we already have politicians who are preoccupied with the elections, while the substance lays with the referendum issue.
The question is quite simple.
Why don’t we wait for the extraction of natural gas, in order for us to begin the bare fact negotiations in regards to the Cypriot issue solution?
Because in that case we will be talking about the Turkish Cypriot reintegration to the Cypriot State and we will be becoming prepared for the liberation of Cyprus, and all that, with the ability to meet the associated financial hardship which will inevitably be caused by the reunification of the island, since the proceeds of the Cypriot EEZ are of another order of magnitude.
We must also put an end to the propaganda which dominates, and supports that we have only the Aphrodite reserve, in order to convince us that we must come to terms with reality, whereas, there are others within marine plot 12.
The bare fact is that we have a future.