22581 - The exclusion of the Genocide chapter, is the decapitation of our History

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

The response of the Minister of Education to a parliamentary question re: the Panhellenic entrance examination carriculum, regarding the exclusion of the Genocide chapter, is not only unacceptable, but it’s also an act of barbarism, as it’s decapitating our History.
And if we take in to account that this occurs during the anniversary of the centenary of the Armenian genocide, then we comprehend how strong a government considers itself, that is not ashamed to continue this genocide of remembrance.
It actually commits a crime of peace.
Of course there’s a cohesion with the so-called neutral position between the victim and the aggressor, forgetting of course that in actual terms this means that it takes the side of the abuser.
But never mind, as these commands are of the last to be given by this Ministry, as they have exceeded the threshold of tolerance and the countdown began, regarding the remaing days until the end of the process.
Because no institution can make us forget the victims and their history.
No ministry can ban a nation to remember.
We are not Creon’s but Antigone’s, and such bans do not affect us in the least.
What matters is, that teachers should continue to teach the topic of genocide, because it is their duty not only towards the history of our nation, but of Humanity as well.
Because the only way that exists in order for us to protect the innocent from barbarism, is for us to be Just, no matter what the State;s conditions are.
The Minister of Education will depart “due to dignity”, and the course will continue, because we are a nation of Time, which respects its dead, and that is why we have a future.