22620 - The genociders and the trial of Humanity

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

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Nobody expects from the terrorist organization Daesh to accept and to confess that it is committing genocide in the East, yet we already see that Humanity condemns it without expecting anything from that organization, because it recognizes its barbarity. This process will gradually be integrated in the framework of International Law through the Rights of Humanity. In other words there will no longer be the issue of acceptance by the perpetrator. It is a manner of generalizing the right of humanitarian intervention and to speak for the right of intervention of Humanity when a crime is taking place against Humanity and especially a genocide. For decades now after the voting in favor of the United Nations Charter in 1948 which integrates the notion of Raphael Lemkin about genocide, we see that this passive analysis of facts brings no results. And any petitions the type of no more genocides, they don’t affect the genociders. Because in essence there is no real cost for them. As long as the United Nations operate only passively, in a legal framework which is activated only afterwards, our decisions will always come late for the population which is a victim of genocide. This approach has its limits and we see it with the International Amnesty. Because even the Peace Nobel prize does not suffice to justify the act. The Rights of Humanity are determinant for the victims. They must simply operate on time as an alarm which detects the perpetrators as soon as they start and not only once they are finished and killed everyone. It is about a readiness of Humanity and not one of anticipation. The trial of Humanity is she who condemns the genociders before they exterminate completely an innocent population.