22658 - The genocide of the Kurds

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

Under the pretext of pseudo friendship, our diplomacy is not expressed freely, in regards to the genocide of the Kurds, because this is what is all about, and nothing else or less.
All diplomatic approaches collapse, against a State which believes it can commit genocides undisturbed.
Because some are still waiting for the recognition of older genocides, they forget to fight for those taking place right now.
The whole cooperation which is occurring before our eyes between Turkey and the terrorist organization Daesh, hasn’t managed to open them wide as yet.
After the elections, things have worsened for the Kurdish population, because the deep State sees that its continually losing ground, which it wants to regain through crimes occurring on a daily basis in the Kurdish regions, and it doesn’t care if it’s regarding, women, children and unarmed civilians, since they constitute an even easier target and promise a safer result.
The Kurdish people have not only got the right to self-determination and liberation, but also to live independently, as that is officially common knowledge, ever since the Sevres Treaty, and we very well know in which area they obtain this right, due to its historicity.
Turkey is anything but a a State of law, and is constantly violating the Kurdish rights.
But now things have taken enormous proportions and no one can close his eyes in front of this genocide hereon, otherwise we are accomplices, and not merely diplomats.
Because the victims need the Just and not the neutrals.
Let’s put an end to this hypocrisy and falsehood, because we belong to Humanity.