22722 - Terrorist attacks against Christians

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

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For all those who haven’t yet understood that the terrorist organization Daesh is committing a crime against Humanity, and more precisely a genocide, they can start counting the victims of the terrorist attacks against the Christians which eventuated in the city of Qamishli.

That is, the suicide bombings near St Ephrem’s church, in the Christian area Al Vousta, where the areas constitute Aramaic property. That’s how thirteen Aramaic Christians and two Kurds died. The wounded however were so many, that as a result the local hospitals urged people to donate blood in order to help.

The worst of all regarding the matter is that this town was founded by the Aramaic Christians in 1926. They had left the Ottoman Empire in order to escape from the genocide and now they experience again that horror after a whole century. Yet again, there are still people who not only do not help them, but they simultaneously deny that that genocide existed. And all they experience at present, leaves the serviles who only care of themselves, quite indifferent. They are not even moved by the fact that they are Christians, because they themselves don’t believe in the light.

They have transformed hemselves into shadows, who aid the spread of the black on the faces, in order for barbarism to hide under. But no one can convince the Just, because they are aware of what the rights of Humanity are. Consequently, the fight against the terrorist organization Daesh must continue, as it’s regarding nothing else but a genocidal organization.