23293 - The notion of genocide in Education

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

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The notion of genocide in Education, has not yet been recognized by the Republic and doesn’t comprehend the important role that it plays in the development of the young humans. At a time when some people try to abolish even the vocabulary of genocide while it belongs to the Charter of the United Nations, other countries give emphasis to its teaching. In reality if they all understood that the notion of genocide is the first right of Humanity and not simply an element of human rights, they would realize the great value it has for humans and in fact on an international level. It is therefore necessary that the learning of this value exists in the teaching of generations, which was introduced by Raphael Lemkin and was established in the United Nations. It is not merely another lesson among others. It is necessary so that one can say that s/he belongs to Humanity without exception. Thus, it is not merely an education’s program among others but a fundamental value of international Education. The objective is not that it be imposed, but to be recognized as a measure of protection from the totalitarian regimes which do not respect humans, because they are not afraid of Humanity as an entity of Time.