23325 - Education of barbarity

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

A minister exists because he has been chosen and supported not only by his government, but also by his voters and among them in Greece, due to population, it cannot be that there aren’t Greeks of Pontus, Greek of Minor Asia, Greeks of Cappadocia, Greeks of Thrace, namely people that come from areas that have been submitted to genocide. This paradox is explained by partisanship which is, from what it seems, more powerful than the place of origin and the history of the individuals. And this appears due to lack of knowledge in the domain of history. The instrument of propaganda has an infinite filed of action, where it can easily manipulate individuals which prefer the partisan truth than any other. After all, if they declare themselves as being radical why should they bother with their roots, since there is no meaning in it for them. The issue is that an education of barbarity is being established in an official manner without there being real resistance. Because we no longer have people that are descendants of survivors of genocide but individuals that are simply voters. It is interesting as this stance concerns of course the Repatriates also, which they too are descendants of expulsions but ultimately because of a form of nostalgia of an old system which comprises their youth, they think that the political party is preferable than the origin. So they too are erasing a piece of the history, because they anticipate a change which will take them back to their recent and social past and not the older which is humane and historical. For this reason it is even more important to resist because we are not the majority. But we shall win because we are Just.