23753 - Diplomacy requires Strategy

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

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When we hear diplomatic verbalism within provocative statements, we immediately understand that there is not a speck of strategy behind it, and that the whole thing occurs merely in order to sustain the problem at a superficial level, through the communicative approach,which deals solely with the impressions, but without been functional in depth of time.
The Cypriot issue can’t be solved with merely positive statements, even though they are supposed to be made from both sides.
The dependence of the one side is simply absolute, with respect to the big brother who is converted into a bogeyman when someone exceeds the set limits of the playground.
On the other hand, the desire to impress due to elections can’t constitute a correct and rational basis for future prospects.
It’s therefore important for us to realize, that only the European Union and the Cypriot EEZ provide a durable basis for search of alliances within the Eastern Mediterranean due to associated developments.
The waste of time in issues directed at just communicational aims, is not only ineffective but on the contrary dangerous.
It’s quite important to promote the third licensing round re: the marine plots of the Cypriot EEZ, and that, without any hesitations.
It is necessary to proceed in regards to the two tripartites of, Greece-Cyprus-Israel, and Egypt-Greece- Cyprus, in order to have concrete results within the context of both the Law of the Sea and the international law.
We must support energean alliances between producers in the Eastern Mediterranean.
In this context, the EuroAsia Interconnector underwater electric cable, and the EastMed natural gas pipeline can act as catalysts.
Without forgetting the construction in Cyprus of a natural gas liquefaction plant which has the capacity to offer approximately one hundred thousand working positions for the island.
Consequently, we can see that strategy can become diplomatic, providing that diplomacy incoperates strategy.