24381 - New stones

N. Lygeros

– Did you read this?
– What?
– This quote of Lasker.
– The Champion?
– No, an international master.
– «While the Baroque rules of chess could only have been created by humans…»
– You disagree with Baroque? I think as you.
– But never mind, I continue… «the rules of Go are so elegant, organic and vigorously logical».
– There is a beauty in this remark.
– «That if intelligent life forms exist elsewhere in the universe, they almost certainly play Go».
– Interesting, no?
– Yes, indeed, but…
– But?
– Why only China, Japan and Korea play go?
– This is a good point.
– Maybe it is the humor of Edward!
– What do you mean?
– «It has been said that man is distinguished from animal in that he buys more books that he can read. I should like to suggest that the inclusion of a few chess books would help to make the distinction unmistakable»
– And Go books?