25206 - New research license for the Greek zeolite

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

New research license was given by the Decentralized Administration of Kavala re: the Greek zeolite in the region Black Rock, near the Petrota of Northern Evros.
Therefore, the Thessalonikian company Olympus will continue its efforts in the research field, while simultaneously it’s waiting for the last permits, in order to pass through to the general mining license in the area Kokkalo which is also located near Petrota.
This practically means that parallel actions are taking place, so that we save time for the future as well, in order for continuity to occur in regards to other fields also.
This is indicative of the seriousness of the case as such, in regards to the Greek data, and it reinforces the idea that this is a national issue and not merely a local investment lacking a wider range.
Because the Greek zeolite constitutes one of the foundations for the development of our homeland, as does the EEZ for its recovery.
Thrace is in need of development and zeolite is a concrete solution for the problem.
Additionally, it could create working positions, while enhancing simultaneously the entire agriculture and husbandry sectors at a national level, providing an added value to our products, transforming them into quality produce, if that wasn’t their case initially.
Consequently, this new license expands our homelands possibilities, and it is important to be understood by all associated organizations, especially those responsible for the research licenses, and thereon the mining permits.
Because everyone who is conscious of the situation which generally prevails, could understand that the concept of the extraction of the Greek zeolite constitutes a phase change for Greece, and we must move within this context if we realy want to help through the evolutionalry process.