25296 - The establishment of the EEZ

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

Cyprus has established its EEZ since 2004, while in Greece we’re still debating whether it’s the right time for such action.
More and more are beginning to recognize its value, because they see its contribution and its importance in the cases of other countries, even if only at a practical level, regarding the hydrocarbons.
It’s not merely regarding an abstract legal or economic tool,which comes to override the concept of the continental shelf, it is much more important than that.
But the EEZ also needs a government that comprehends the subject, because it has studied it, in order to obtain an opinion and a point of view.
The EEZ therefore constitutes a national evaluation criterion, for the governments who say that they will establish it, but they don’t dare do so, for various reasons which are related to irrelevance, servility, intrigue, and for interests sake.
So when all of these micropolitical structures manage to prevail, in order that a macropolitical action wouldn’t come to surface, then we are aware of the worth of such governments that didn’t opt for the exceedance.
Because no justification can be found for our homeland lacking its EEZ.
As if no Prime Minister can comprehend, that the one who will establish the EEZ will make history by doing so, whereas the others will be marked down by history as political passersby who left no trace to indicate their passage.
The difference is, that the Greek nation is now aware of the meaning and the value of the EEZ, consequently it begins to exercise political pressure upon politicians, and the non implemention of this requirement comes at a cost.
Because the EEZ belongs to the Greece of the future, whereas the governments that didn’t establish it, already constitute the past.