25297 - The EEZ and the future of Crete

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

If there is a region in Greece which is directly related to the EEZ, then that’s Crete and for many reasons at that.
They are related to geostrategy due to position, to topostrategy due to its association with other islands, to chronostrategy due to its bond with the Mediterranean, and with the energy due to the hydrocarbons.
The nine marine plots of the Region of Crete are already indicative with their presence, but also with the future which they represent in relation with Libya.
They give an added value to Gavdos. and they already indicate the path that we will follow south of Crete.
They constitute a proof of the South’s ability to become an investment field.
They are in direct relation to the creation of the EastMed pipeline, since they would come to strengthen it with their mere existence, but also with their strategic importance in terms of magnitude.
We are already aware that in this area, there are target reserves similar to the hypergigantic Zohr reserve, which in actual fact means, that Crete will play a dominant role in the region.
This is also confirmed by the EuroAsia Interconnector electric cable, which will connect it with the Greek mainland, as well as Cyprus and Israel.
In other words, the EEZ, together with Crete constitute a strategic mix able to negate many elements of the past and of the present.
This may occur in a simple manner.
But firstly, it’s Crete itself which must in actual fact believe and learn, re: the Hydrocarbon Law in regards to the Region, so that it can play its essential strategic role for the future.