25303 - Against the genocidal barbarism

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

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The anniversary of the recognition of the genocide of the Pontian Greeks is now connected with the events of the genocide itself, and this mental scheme comes to enhance Lemkin’s example, since it constitutes one of the genocides he had chosen in order to highlight his selected word genocide, to characterize this crime against Humanity.
On the 19th of May we remind everyone that we do not forget the horror of barbarism, but that simultaneously, we will continue to fight against the barbarians who try to commit a remembrance genocide when they even deny the existence of the genocide of the Pontian Greeks.
There is this dual aim in our minds, which creates the context for the memory of the future.
Because for us the genocide doesn’t merely constitute a memory we bound to forget in the long run.
This officially recognized fact, belongs thereon to our history, as black as that page may be, because Humanity has placed a bookmark in order for us not to forget the unacceptable.
This doesn’t of course mean that the battle is limited to this certain date.
On the contrary, the 19th of May is a reference point which allows us to examine, what new associated item we’ve achieved during the previous year, at a local, a national and a global level, not only in regards to the issue of the recognition, but re: the entire context of the correction procedure.
Because the recognition is merely its first step.
For us Pontus, and especially in relation to Western Armenia, is not a lost homeland, but occupied territories which we will liberate in order for our victims to be justfied