25312 - The Pontian work

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

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The pontian work is necessary so that the crime of genocide be also shown abroad. There is no need to stop at the question of Turkey’s acceptance. Genocide is a fact which is not doubted. It is a reality which the other countries need to know about in order to see the difference between the perpetrator and the victim. So the work, the pontian, needs to have an international scope and not only a local one. The highlighting of genocide is not only an anniversary which can be degenerated with the quirks of the organizers. What matters is the displacement of the work because only this touches the other peoples and only this leads them to intervene against the perpetrator who continues the genocide of memory. Also the pontian work must have pontian elements namely to sustain lively the language and the customs. Because the fact that the pontian language still exists even after the genocide, it is an example of resistance to barbarity who wanted to eliminate everything so that there be no trace of the crime. So the pontian works that speak about genocide are even more significant for the struggle since it is the same language of the victim who accuses the perpetrator. So he knows that we don’t forget and are not going to stop the struggle because it belongs to the Rights of Humanity.