25514 - If you are pro property ownership

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

– If you are pro property ownership..
– Yes?
– You should wonder as to who owns your body.
– My body;
– It’s a consequence …
– Of ownership.
– Because it is the negation of the landless.
– And why should it belong to me?
– Because it’s your mentality.
– The use of possessiveness …
– Do you remember that there were slaves during the Roman Empire?
– Yes of course.
– Some of them through their work succeeded in …
– Buying their freedom.
– therefore them themselves.
– I never thought of it in such a way.
– Therefore it’s the work which creates the being.
– Even at a practical level.
– And if we examine the mentality of the Aboriginies, we’ll understand that the notion of the property is absent.
– And simultaneously it was them who struggled the most regarding the Rights of the Indigenous nations.
– Because they didn’t fight for the sake of their property, but for the values of the indigenous people.