25582 - The churches are victims

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

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The churches are by nature victims, because they ought to be open to all within the cities, without any specific protection.
As a result they often are victims of barbarism and genocide, when there is a context for such action.
Quite the contrary, the monasteries constitute a field of resistance.
Because faith comprehends that it functions on two foundations, the prevalence and dissemination which constitutes the aim of the churches, and the continuity whch concerns the monasteries, due to their resistance to the enemies and oblivion in general.
In a phase the crisis, where the dissemination is not feasible, salvation plays a dominant role, as it crossed through Time.
Consequently, the monasteries in actual fact constitute the castles of the Church, and the churches are the town squares.
The monasteries, as secluded worlds are opened, whereas, the churches as open worlds are closed.
Consequently, depending on the phase we are in, the monasteries and the churches play a complementary role towards our faith.
And it’s in this fashion that they have crossed the eons, even though they both had numerous enemies against them, who aimed to firstly impose silence, and then oblivion as a memory gravestone.
It is therefore important for us to recognize the nature of these structures, in order to realize that the churches are the innocent, and the monasteries are the righteous and the Just, in this battle against barbarism and for the sake of Humanity.
Therefore, the faithful must be ready to pass from one structure to the other, if they want to distribute the light, before it’s extinguished by the darkness.