25882 - The Greek-Armenian bond

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

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The Greek-Armenian bond is not a mere friendship.
Because within international relationships, the word friendship always hides another meaning, and it serves more as a pretext for maintaining pseudo relationships, than anything else more practical at that.
The Greek and the Armenian nations have a lot in common, and that was the case for centuries on.
Only that due to the genocides distances were created, and the younger are wondering what could be the sort of that relationship in practical terms.
There are not of course aware of what is already happening regarding Western Armenia and the associated implications and consequences on Eastern Pontus.
Nor are they aware that all these are related to the Kurdish issue and to Kurdistan.
They are unaware due to lack of rational information as they always stand by the Lausanne Treaty without giving any importance to the Sevres Treaty, even though the first is increasingly losing its substance in favour of the second, which is often presented as a reference point, because it’s more durable due to its historicity.
The Lausanne Treaty is an artificial assortment of articles, which served as erroneous correction moves, and were never in actual fact transformed into actions of substance, since they obtained no historical foundations.
Whereas on account of President Wilson, the Sevres Treaty, even though it was invented after the genocides of the Armenians, the Assyrians and the Greeks, it considered it normal to sustain their ancestral lands without any exception, even on the map, sinse it approached and addressed all of the representatives of the indigenous peoples without paying any attention to the aggressors.
Consequently the Greek-Armenian bond hasn’t merely a future, but prospects as well.