25883 - The recognition of the genocide of the Assyrians

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

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While all in Greece are discussing the refugee issue merely because it is a current hot topic, and they try to convince us that they are actually working intensively in order to solve it, in the case of the issue regarding the recognition of the genocide of the Assyrians, the incoherence of their thinking is quite obvious.
Because, even though they’re saying that the whole matter interests them because it touches them, no one continues in a practical sense the efforts we’ve started in association with all the refugee organizations regarding the recognition of the genocide of the Assyrians by Greece.
Greece has recognized the genocide of the Greeks in 1994, and the Armenian genocide back in 1996.
Even now, two decades later, the process has not passed onto the next stage, even though these genocides form a genocide triad, and it serves no purpose to address them apart, as is well proven by the decisions of the European Parliament, the United States, the Australian States, and Sweden.
Because by now, all who have dealt with these genocides, are finally aware that, even though they were three, the perpetrator was always the same, and with the same strategy at that.
The most interesting point of the case, (getting back to the current affairs for those who can’t cope with the mental schemes of the history and the past,) is that the same perpetrator today cooperates with, and supports the terrorist organization which genocides both Syrians and Iraqis who don’t worship their religion.
When a State which hasn’t recognized the genocides it has committed, continues to supports yet another one occurring, what is the point of saying that we are dealing with the refugees, while we don’t take action against the abuser.