26242 - One more European state

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

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With France, one more European state follows in practice the correction process with strategy, because everyone is sick of with the turkish tricks regarding contestation of the Genocide of Armenians and the intimidation by European members of the parliament doesn’t work, because the eastern-like style has its limits, when there is no bargaining. Not everything is an issue of territories. There are the people too. So it is an issue of dignity for us to fight against barbarity whichever its mask may be. The values of Humanity don’t change with principles of societies, especially when these have committed crimes. The turkish regime is having more and more difficulty to support its propaganda, because those who resist are more robust so that there can be justification of the innocents. So diplomacy stumbles on the strategy of the Just who fight from the beginning for the innocents, the victims and the survivors. So the eastern-like bargain doesn’t work in Europe, because the latter understands that it is about a barbarity and nothing else. In practice, the Turkish regime seems that it cannot tolerate the community acquis, because its entire base is founded on genocides. The victims and the survivors knew it but now the Just show the repercussions to barbarity.