26304 - The United Nations role

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

The role of the United Nations can not be reduced into merely addressing problems between States, because in such case it would be isomorphic to the Court of Justice.
Furthermore, the mere existence of the Security Council, questions this idea at its foundations.
We should therefore examine this role within a mainly geopolitical context, seeking out a balance between diplomacy and strategy.
The first, oughts to resolve conflicting situations in order to avoid conflicts, whereas the other should opt to put an end to conflicts in order to give solutions.
This however requires initiatives and not merely answers to questions.
It is for this reason that the committees of the problem solving delegations, should be effective in a pertinent way, for the avoidance of false problem creation.
It’s also appropriate, within the framework of that idea always, to have in mind a tailess resolution, because in some cases this tail is more dangerous for the nations in comparison with the initial conflict as such.
Consequently the role of the United Nations encompasses elements of brainstorming and lateral thinking within the decision making process, in order for a problem to be resolved.