26384 - Reference to North Korea

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Theodoros Tsiamitas

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The fact that there’s still an occupying regime in North Korea is a problem, not only for the innocent who are being violated, but also for the Just who are concerned about Humanity as a whole.
Many believe that North Korea is far away and do absolutely nothing.
The same people though, cannot comprehend that the Small Occupied Territories of Cyprus, and the Large Occupied Territories of Greece, are far away for others.
In regards to justice, the problem is not the distance but the inaction towards barbarity.
Distance has no relation with humanism.
Whichever is the part of the planet that is suffering, it should hurt us, if we are indeed human and not just individuals of a society of oblivion and indifference.
North Korea’s regime is not only unacceptable, but also barbaric and inhumane.
And every move it makes is condemnable since due its communism, it violates every human being.
Those of course who have such stereotypes in their minds, are not addressing the issue, due to guilt.
But to everyone else who does not belong to this category which needs atonement, we must resist with our voice and with our actions.