26463 - Pipelines and the Law of the Sea

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

This ongoing literature about the pipelines should come to an end.
The Law of the Sea is crystal clear.
The pipelines are considered in actual fact affixed, and consequently there can be no institutional obstacle from a country that obtains an exclusive economic zone, and from which a foreign interests pipeline will pass through.
This, of course, constitutes the official version and the only legitimate one.
At a practical level there are countries which are not serious at all, and they opt in creating obstacles due to reasons of propaganda, trying to delay the proceedings in any way possible, even when they are aware that they are wrong.
That however should in no case constitute an example for us.
On the other side, our fears shouldn’t restrict us from thinking about our future with regard to the analysis of contacts between other countries.
We shouldn’t confuse the diplomatic contacts with the geostrategic relations.
The restoration of contacts isn’t indicative that relations are created, because they can’t initially, due to inconsistent values.
Of course, we have many, who although they write literature, they assume that they are writing about reality. But it doesn’t matter.
The only problematic factor is when there are people who believe and support a wrong approach of things, because that doesn’t help the development of our progress in the field of cognitive strategy.