2649 - System’s supplies

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Evi Charitidou

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In 1933 in Ukraine there were children without parents born. Those were the death children. They had no future. There was no longer any need. Need was the children themselves. Their bloated bellies showed by themselves that they were class children. They should not have existed. They were mistakes of the system which did not accept any mistakes. They were open mouths with eyes shut. They did not want to see system’s world, where their single right would be to give birth to death. They did not dare talk; system provided for everything, even for hunger. When mothers ran with their child on their shoulders to look for food, there was nothing. Hunger belonged to system’s services. And when mothers fell exhausted with their children nailed on their back, the system had already provided that children should never abandon their mothers. Thus, children especially babies as they were tied on their mothers’ back, were slowly dying, following mothers to death, as the system wanted to. Of course, in cases life resisted – because it had not understood how system was functioning -, then there was always the ultimate help of a bullet in the head. In the Stalin system, each citizen had the same rights and should conform. The bullet was the swiftest solution to difficult cases. Every citizen had a right to the same bullet. No injustice, no inequality was allowed by the system for the humans’ sake. The 1932 preparation delivered a lot, but in 1933 it exceeded all expectations. Every day 25 thousand people were dying. That was a new form of harvesting. There was no longer wheat, but hopefully people were ready to sacrifice themselves for the system. They knew what kind of worries daddy had when system was not delivering. And that was logic, because with so many system supplies, it would be unthinkable for people not to die so soon. In Ukraine there wasn’t any good pupil in barbarity’s domain and the system had to deliver intensive courses for them to understand its basic functioning. It was obliged to explain them that they had to eat each other so that no friction and malfunctioning would exist in the system. However, the humans resisted again. To help them out the system explained to the army that it lacked any trace of humanness and that everything was permitted. Then things went better. The Stalin system methodology finally delivered properly. In this way, Ukraine was taught the notion of genocide as the system’s ultimate offer. After so many efforts on the part of the system to attain its goal, it would be unthinkable for us not to honor it by recognizing the genocide of the Ukrainians. Except that certain fans of the system are shy and we have to convince them that they have committed a crime against humanity.