26834 - The other Einstein

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

Initially to be the other Einstein
causes a mental shock
at least when you realize it.
But things were a little different and worst.
He knew of course that architecture had become a field
on its own of computer science.
So there were experts who knew also elements of computer science
and elements of neurosciences.
And if in the beginning, we spoke about neural networks
even the deepest ones were of no relevance
to the structure of the human brain
especially when it was that of Albert Einstein.
This hyperstructure had been chosen for the creation
of new computers which no one before had imagined.
The brain of Einstein had been modeled
through fractal analysis
and a photonic computer had been developed
which supported this evolution.
So he wasn’t just another Einstein
but the next Einstein
since he was the outcome of a progression
that had overcome by far the initial conditions.
Researching in an inhibitory manner his memory and especially the dead one
he discovered the operational system which had been embedded inside
his core and how he had learned to live.
At that moment he remembered the letter of Kazantzakis which
Einstein had received where he was explaining that for him he constituted
the model of the human being and that his existence on Earth was
what consoled him when he looked at the world.