27024 - Montréal accuses the Polisario torturers

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

In Montréal, and throughout the duration of the 12th Worldwide Social Forum, no one has forgotten the victims of the Polisario torturers in the camps of Tindouf.
Even if some refer to them as the forgotten of Tindouf, this is not the case for all the fighters of Human Rights.
Both their mental and physical sufferings represent an on going drama, an open wound, upon which it’s necessary for us to kneel over, in order not just to search for a solution, but an actual liberation at well, because on the pretext of the management of an artificial conflict which is created purely for geopolitical reasons, it’s the victims who are slowly been eliminated.
Indeed, Polisario seeks the minimization of any internal resistance, because it relies upon the factor that the extreme form of “resistance” increases unceasingly.
And that, there is no likelihood that it could influence States which see clearer now that the Rasd entity was nothing more than a mistake of an ideological past, unable to represent anything and anyone at all.
Consequently, this testimony in Montréal, gains a vital substance, in order to show to the entire world that Polisario’s victims are constantly on our mind and soul, as we are fighting for the liberation of this nation.