28299 - Cowardness is greater than curiosity

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

– How is it possible for them not to even look at the pictures?
– What pictures?
– Those we took.
– In the restricted area?
– Yes. Aren’t they curious?
– Cowardness is greater than curiosity.
– That I didn’t expect.
– Yet again!
– But they’re not at risk in front of the screen.
– Even there they could comprehend their limits.
– And does that concern them?
– No, it simply scares them.
– How does it scare them?
– They are frightened by the fear they will feel when they see …
– The pictures?
– No.
– Themselves.
– I understood.
– But how can we make it?
– They are not fighters, how do you expect them to be warriors?
– I thought that…
– No, it’s not necessary.
– On our own?
– Always.
– Even with Humanity.