28577 - Minor Asia doesn’t belong to Turkey

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

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Instead of listening to every historical ridiculousness due to unawareness and barbarity and each time we look for the appropriate argument in order to respond, it would be best to focus on foundational questions. The problem of course is not if Turkey has rights to the sea and the islands, because it simply doesn’t have any. It didn’t create anything and only destroyed. The real problem is that it believes that Minor Asia belongs to it in whole. In this approach, which has a characteristic of one-sidedness, it has forgotten that it considered necessary to commit a triple genocide against the Armenians, the Assyrian and the Greeks and to continue now with the Kurds. It has forgotten that the state does not consist of indigenous peoples. On the contrary it has trespassed against them in order to construct in an artificial manner a state of terror through terrorism. It has also forgotten that it was forced to destroy civilizations, temples, churches, cemeteries in order to enforce to the indifferent, who don’t know what history means, that it was always in Minor Asia. And now that it faces serious problems with Kurdistan, Western Armenia but also the Alawites, it is trying to bring to the surface tools of propaganda in order to hide the truth. Turkey is a conqueror state, not of indigenous peoples of Minor Asia.