29323 - From Cuba to North Korea

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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The fact that the horrific dictatorship of North Korea decided upon a three day mourning period on account of the death of the Cuban dictator, it’s absolutely indicative of the mutual barbarism. It is also an evidencial element regarding the black quality of the red dictator. With all the flags the North Korean dictator honours the other, because he was a close friend and keen ally against America. Because the Cuban had been honoured with the title of the Hero of the People’s Republic of North Korea. For this reason a North Korean delegation left for Havana in order to be present at the funeral. Taking these data in to account, how could we not interrelate them to the intentions of the Prime Minister who speaks with praising words about the dictator. How many of our own didn’t yet understand that it’s regarding an act of barbarism which is indifferent about all the victims and the innocent who have been encroached upon by these authoritarian systems. In actual fact, it’s also regarding a confession about the backbone of a representative who doesn’t respect fundamental rights as such. Whereas, he would’ve had to fight against these systems if he was really pro Hellenism, since it always protected Humanity from barbarism. But the Just observe the truth and are already fighting against the propaganda of the void.