29465 - North Korea’s simulated attack

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Antonios Konstantinos Thanellas

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North Korea’s dogmatism and ideology are so absurd that the regime continues to play extreme games to create tensions with a new military drill of a simulated attack on South Korea. Instead of ending the unacceptable moves of the nuclear tests, North Korea’s absurd regime continues to be provocative. All this while the United Nations Security Council imposed new stricter sanctions against the regime to further reduce its income by 25%. The important thing is that the UNSC’s decision was unanimous which indicates that all the 15 member states see the situation in the same way as it concerns the behaviour of North Korea. This is important because South Korea is not alone in the effort to protect the innocent from the barbarity of a system, which is trapped in the past, without realising that the world has changed. The world cannot accept a communistic dictatorship that tramples on everyone without reacting. Enough is enough.